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Jenway Laboratory Colorimeters - Models 6051 & 6061

The 6000 series colorimeters feature precision optics and electronics. Eight in-built gelatin filters are provided for use in commonly encountered determinations over the range of 400-710nm. Optional interference filters are available to extend this range, if required.

Excellent sampling flexibility is provided on the Models 6051 and 6061, allowing the use of 10, 20 and 40mm cells with the optional cell holder assemblies. Multiple sample handling is possible with the four cell carriage and a heated cell block is available for temperature dependent measurements.

Model 6051:
Price: £657.00
The Model 6051 is a general purpose instrument, equipped with easy-to-use conventional style controls, making it ideal for routine and educational use. measurements can be performed over the range of 400-710nm, with the ability to extend from 400-800nm by using the optional interference filters. An analogue output of 10mV per digit is fitted, as standard. The Model 6051 is very versatile in that it may be mains operated on 230 or 115V supplies, or battery operated from a 12V external supply.

Technical Specifications
Model 6051 6061/ 6062
Wavelength 400-710nm 340-710nm (6061) / 400-710nm (6062)
Ranges/Resolution 0 to 100% T (1% T)
0 to 1.50Abs (0.01Abs)
0.1 to 1000Conc (0.1 to 1Conc)
0 to 100.0% T (0.1% T)
0 to 1.999Abs (0.001Abs)
0.1 to 1000Conc (0.1 to 1Conc)
Readout 21/2 digit LCD 31/2 digit LED
Outputs Analogue 10mV per digit Analogue 10mV per digit
Centronics / RS232
Power 230/115Vac +-15% 50/60Hz 12Vdc external 100/115/200/230Vac +-10% 50/60Hz


Common Specifications
Wavelength Selection 8 gelatin filters. Peak wavelengths of 430, 470, 520, 540, 580, 600 & 710nm. Optional drop-in interference filters will extend ranges.
Bandpass Typically 40nm. Interference filters typically 10nm, but can be supplies to customer requirements
Blank Drift 2%/hour after 15 minutes
Photometric Linearity 1% T
Light Source Tungsten Filament
Size 300 x 355 x 120mm
Weight 3Kg

Ordering Information
605 001 - Model 6051
606 001 - Model 6061
Both models are supplied with 8 built-in filters, 10x10mm cell holder, mains lead, pack of 100 10x10 plastic disposable cuvettes and instruction manual.

Model 6061
Price: £875.00
The Model 6061 is a high resolution , research grade, microprocessor controlled colorimeter incorporating many of the features associated with spectrophotometers, but at a fraction of the cost. Operation of the unit has been simplified to the point where all grades of laboratory staff can reliably obtain accurate results. Interface is via a fully sealed membrane keypad.

The unit is fitted with 8 in-built, wide band-pass gelatin filters covering the visible spectrum from 400 to 710nm. These filters adequately provide all that is necessary for many routine tests. For more demanding applications the facility exists to fit, via a drop-in holder, a range of narrow band-pass interference filters. Alternative filters extend the wavelength range, a feature which is of specific interest to those with biomedical applications relating to the many enzymatic tests carried out at 340nm, in conjunction with the optional heated cell block.

Analogue, Centronics and RS232 output ports are fitted as standard, allowing the transfer of data to the accessory printer, a chart recorder or to a computer for further analysis.

Optional Accessories
  Order Code
100 10x10mm plastic cuvettes 060 084
100 10x10mm plastic semi-micro cuvettes 060 087
10x10mm glass cell 035 027
Dust Cover 605 065
40 Column Centronics Printer 543 101


Interfernece Filters
  Order Code
340nm (6061 only) 060 015
40nm 060 016
405nm 060 017
540nm 060 018
620nm 060 019

Alternative filters can be supplied to customer requirements on request.

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