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Sherwood - CHROMA Colorimeters

The CHROMA Model 252 Analogue Colorimeter
features the traditional scale readout showing the relationship between Optical Density and % Transmission. This has a wide usage particularly in Education.

The CHROMA Model 254 Digital Colorimeter
has the same performance specification as the Model 252 with the advantage of a digital readout. This overcomes the drawback with an analogue scale in discriminating between higher values of Optical Density. The full 0-2 OD units range can be read to .01 OD unit.

The model 254 is also provided with a recorder output for permanent recording of results particularly if used as the detector of a continuous flow chemical analyser and with a suitable flow cell accessory available from Sherwood Scientific.

The CHROMA Model 257 Concentration Colorimeter
extends the portability and versatility of the CHROMA range into high precision measurement, with OD readings to three decimal places (0.001); and concentration by Standardisation and direct input of Factor. This facility enables this precision instrument to be used with a wide variety of commercial test kits to analyse all manner of substances using Standard methods. To enhance further the capabilities of the Model 257, a printer interface (RS232) is standard in addition to the recorder output.

The Model 257 has been used in many Breweries to determine the colour of Beer following the EEC method and using a recently introduced high specification 430nm Interference filter.

Ordering Information
Model 252 Analogue £509.00
Model 254 Digital £540.00
Model 257 Concentration £757.00


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