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Electromatles EME and EMEA
Controlled Heating for Soxlet Extraction - Electrothermal

Choice of 3 or 6 recesses for 100, 250, 500 or 1000ml flasks - and stirring!

The Electromatle EME extraction apparatus has been designed to maximise safety. Each recess is provided with a new electronic controller that enables easy regulation of each heater. These controllers use solid state electronics to remove the sparking normally associated with mechanical switching.

For additional operator protection a safety earth (ground) screen encloses the heaters and in the event of a spillage the heater cartridge can readily be replaced.

External surfaces are PTFE-coated and resistant to most chemical solutions. The robust construction permits continuous operation of the units as required by routine extraction tests.

The EMEA incorporates in addition to the features above a stirring module that allows the solution to be stirred and heated at the same time.

Replaceable Heater Cartridge
The flexible heating element is located within a thermal insulating 'former' to provide maximum heat transfer coupled with minimum risk of flask breakage. Supplied as a complete 'cartridge' for quick and simple replacement.

Safety Earth (Ground) Screen
This pre-formed, stainless steel screen is fitted above the heating element and earthed (grounded) directly to the supply cable. It provides additional operator operator protection should spillage or flask breakage occur.

Each recess has a built-in solid state energy regulator for heating control.

Indicator Lights
Indicator lights show when power, heating and stirring are on.

A single stirring module controls the stirring on the three recesses in the EMEA3. Two separate stirrer modules - and two controllers - are used on the EMEA6. Stirring speeds are continuously variable from 50 to 10000rpm. A PTFE coated stirring bar is provided for each recess.

General Specification

Number of Recesses 3 or 6
Flask Capacity Range 100ml to 1000ml
Element Temperatures Up to 450C
Power Connection 3 pin IEC socket and detachable lead. (Fixed lead on 6 recess 10000ml 110 V units)
Indication Lights A Yellow for "Power On" and one for each recess for "Heater On".
A Green light indicates "strirrer Motor On".
Energy control One electronic energy controller for each recess
Speed Control One electronicspeed control for each 3 recess stirring module.
Stirrer Continuously variable, approx. 50-10000rpm (unloaded).
Support Rods Three support rods 1/22 (12.7mm) dia. supplied. Two connecting bosses are provided with the 6 recess units. Support rod clamps are built into each unit.
Replacement Elements Available
Fuses Panel Mounted Touch Proof Fuse Holder
Voltages 110 or 230V 50/60Hz

Price Cat. Nos.
£336.95 EME3 0100/CE
£574.10 EMEA3 0100/CE
£358.80 EME3 0250/CE
£516.35 EMEA3 0250/CE
£396.75 EME3 0500/CE
£572.90 EMEA3 0500/CE
£426.65 EME3 1000/CE
£579.60 EMEA3 1000/CE
£537.10 EME6 0100/CE
£944.15 EMEA6 0100/CE
£562.35 EME6 0250/CE
£948.75 EMEA6 0250/CE
£621.00 EME6 0500/CE
£1049.95 EMEA6 0500/CE
£722.20 EME6 1000/CE
£1053.40 EMEA6 1000/CE


Kjeldahl Apparatus

Macro - Kjeldahl Apparatus

These aluminium housed units have been designed to make them suitable for use with existing or specially constructed stands. The lower compartment of th eunit contains the control equipment. this is separated from the heating elements, which are capable of operating at red heat, by well ventilated airspace.

Number of Recesses 2 or 6 at 6 in. (152mm) centres
Element Temperatures The construction of the quartz fibre elements permits operation up to 800C
Mains Connection Mains lead 2 metres long
Pilot Lights One pilot light for each recess for "mains to heater" indication
Energy Controllers One built-in energy controller for each recess (A.C. mains only).
Brackets Fitted with brackets to accept flask rets or 1/2 in. (12.7mm) support rods.
Flask Rest Supplied with flask as standard
Clamps For holding 6 recess units in stands two clamps, 5/8 in. (15.8mm.) diameter bore, are fitted on each side.
Replacement Elements Are available
Voltages 115 or 230 V. (MQ3868 230V only)
Support Rod Sets For Extraction and Distillation processes, support rod sets are available.

Price Cat. No.
£318.55 MQ 3822
£361.11 MQ 3824
£654.35 MQ 3866
£822.25 MQ 3868


Micro - Kjeldahl Apparatus

A small and compact unit for single or multiple digestions with individual recess control.

Number of Recesses 6 at 213/16 in. (71.5mm) centres
Flask Capacity Range 18 to 50 ml
Element Temperatures Up to 550C
Mains Connection Mains lead
Energy Controllers One built-in energy controller for each recess (A.C. mains only)
Case Construction Stainless steel
Clamps and Arms Fitted and adjustable clamps to accept the standard arms supplied
Fume Tube The Fume Tube, Cat. no. AT 4001, with end suction position is available at extra cost
Voltages 115 or 230 V
Replacement Elements Are available

Cat. No. 2313
Price £545.11
Replacement Element REMM2313 £55.20


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