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    Company Profile and Philosophy

    Although we export over £1.5m worth of European laboratory and scientific instruments each year, you probably have never heard of us!! We are a company a little out of the ordinary in that most of our customers live tens of thousands of miles away.

    For many years we have championed the interests of our clients overseas, helping them buy virtually anything scientific from Europe. You will find that our catalogue contains most well known European laboratory equipment, popular in virtually every part of the world. They are all products with which we are familiar and have exported time and time again.

    Even if you live just down the road in England or Europe we'll still talk to you and try to help with your sourcing needs, but, please do not limit your requirements by what you find in our catalogue.

    "We are essentially a virtual store where you can buy ANYTHING. If you live in Australia and crave a bottle of Marmite instead of Vegemite, drop us an email!! - if you live in Iceland and need to find a book, drop us an email - if you live in Brazil and want to buy some seeds - drop us an email. You'll be amazed at some of the things we have sourced over the years - in fact, the more unusual the better - it adds a touch of spice to our lives!!"

    We obtain great pleasure in playing detective and finding something which you cannot obtain locally and arranging deliver in the time you want and at the price you need.

    We process many requests for product literature, samples and price lists and have over 5000 different suppliers literature in our library together with a host of trade directories for virtually every type of laboratory and medical product. For any requirement, large or small, either place an order or send us an email enquiry, you know the saying -

    I can't help you but I know a man who can, well, we are that man!!

    We look forward to helping you with your requirements and meeting you in our virtual store for many years to come.

    With warmest regards,

    Jeremy Bolton.
    Technical Director.
    Jepson Bolton & Co Ltd,
    Suite 1,
    186 St. Albans Road,
    WD24 4AS.
    United Kingdom.

    UK Tel: 01923-440330
    International Tel: +44-1923-440330

    UK Fax: 01743-441955
    International Fax: +44-1743-441955

    Our History

    The business of Jepson Bolton & Co Ltd has its origins in the UK/Australian part of Jepson Brothers & Company founded in 1865. One of the Jepson brothers lived in Australia visiting importers and merchants soliciting orders which his brother in England fulfilled from the factories in the UK. Every few years they changed places thus each gaining personal knowledge of both ends of the trade. In the very early days, the type of products traded included, hardware, porcelain, tie silks and giftware some of which we still deal in today.

    Frank Bolton joined the company as a buying assistant just prior to World War I and in 1931 joined with one of the Jepson sons (Leslie) to incorporate the business under the name it still bears. Frank devoted himself solely to the interests of his clients and was successful in bringing the business through WW2 (despite being bombed out with the rest of the city area of London in 1940) and the years of shortage which followed.

    His son Tony joined Jepson Bolton in 1951 and on the death of Leslie Jepson in 1958 took over the ownership of the Company. In 1979 he was joined in turn by his son Jeremy who has concentrated on building up the technical and scientific side of the business with particular attention to the needs of overseas Universities, technical colleges and research institutes.

    The original market of Australia has expanded greatly to such an extent that there is now virtually no country in the world where we cannot help researchers with their equipment requirements direct from the UK.

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