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Sanyo/MSE Hawk 15/05 Refrigerated

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A refrigerated microcentrifuge designed to be used in a wide variety of life science applications, especially biochemical and genetic research. The use of a powerful brushless motor means that high speeds and consequently higher 'g' forces up to 23.140 can be achieved.

Sanyo's advanced refigeration technology means that the Hawk features a precool facility and can maintain 4C with a fully loaded rotor at the maximum speed of 15,000rpm. Designed as a compact unit the Hawk takes up to a minimum of bench space.

The easy to use control pad has been developed so that operators need minimal training to be able to use the Hawk. The hawk is simple to order as the unit comes supplied with the 26 x 2.0ml rotor. Other rotors and a sealing lid are available as optional accessories.

Height Width Depth Weight
335mm 290mm 500mm 34kg
  • Intelligent microprocessor control
  • Inverter controlled brushless motor
  • Rotor in place detector
  • Rotor code for RCF programming
  • Set and run in RCF or RPM
  • RCF conversion facility
  • Pulse button
  • Last run memory
  • Compact size
  • Green LED display
  • Overspeed protection system
  • Full lid interlock
  • Self diagnostics
  • Status indicator codes
  • CFC-free refrigerant gas R134a
  • Fast efficient cooling
  • Selectable temperature range -9C to +40C
  • Preccol facility
  • CFC-free insulation
  • Gas strut lid opening
  • Simple and easy to use
  • Easy to service
  • 10 acceleration rates
  • 10 brake rates
  • All accessories fully autoclavable
  • Sealing lid available for all microtube rotors
  • Designed to comply with BS EN 61010-20020: 1995
Hawk 15/05R Specification
Max speed 2.0ml microtube rotor 15,000 rpm
Max RCF microtube rotor 23,140 g
Max tube size 2 ml
Max capacity 52 ml
Speed control range (rpm) 100-15,000 rpm
Speed setting increments 100 (rpm or 'g')
Speed control accuracy +-10 rpm
Selectable temperature range -9C to +40C
Temperature control range 0C to +40C
Temperature control +-1C
Time set range 1-99 mins Time Hold
Pulse button Yes
Timer accuracy 1 sec


Microtube rotors for use in Hawk 15/05 Refrigerated
Cat. No. Capacity Optional Sealed Lid Max. Speed Max. ('g')
43117-620 26 x 2.0 ml 43117-623 15,000 rpm 21,882
43117-621 30 x 0.75 ml 43117-623 15,000 rpm 20,373
43117-622 36 x 0.4 ml 43117-623 15,000 rpm 23,140
43117-624 24 piece Haematocrit - 15,000 rpm 22,385
43117-625 24x2ml steppped rotor including sealed lid included 15,000 rpm 18,361

Price: £1600.00


Sanyo/MSE Harrier 18/80 Refrigerated

  • Intelligent microprocessor control
  • Inverter controlled brushless motor
  • Automatic rotor identification system
  • Set and run in RCF or RPM
  • Key lock facility
  • Instant RCF reading
  • Last run memory
  • Green LED display
  • Overspeed protection system
  • Full lid interlock
  • Imbalance detection system
  • Self diagnostics
  • Status indicator
  • Removable stainless steel inner bowl (Harrier 15/80)
  • CFC-free refrigerant gas (Harrier 18/80R)
  • Fast efficient cooling (Harrier 18/80R)
  • Selectable temperature range -9C to +40C (Harrier 18/80R)
  • Precool facility (Harrier 18/80R)
  • CFC-free insulation (Harrier 18/80R)
  • Simple and easy to use
  • Easy to service
  • Superior lid lock mechanism
  • 10 acceleration rates
  • 10 brake rates
  • wide range of accessories
  • all accessories fully autoclavable
  • sealed buckets with porton down approval
  • designed to comply with BS EN 61010-2-02: 1995
  • Language options available

MSE have always had an enviable reputation for their bench top centrifuges and the Harrier range continues this tradition. in addition to the existing Harrier 15/80, the Harrier 18/80 refrigerated is designed for routine laboratory use and has the additional facility of being able to centrifuge samples at sub-ambient temperatures. Both centrifuges represent excellent value for money in terms of performance, ease of use, safety and reliability.

Automatic rotor indentification system
The Harrier range incorporates an automatic rotor identification system. This important feature ensures that the centrifuge regognises the rotor in use and prevents it from being used beyond its safe maximum speed. As the centrifuge identifies the rotor in use, it can also work out the 'g' force at any set speed. This means the centrifuge can convert rpm to 'g' and vice versa once in use.

Microprocessor controlled induction drive
The harrier range utilises an induction motor for maintenance free long life operation. This motor has no carbon brushes so not only is there no need for routine maintenance but there is no build-up of carbon dust inside the centrifuge. This makes it suitable for use in clean environments. Microprocessor control combined with the frequency driven motor ensue accurate operation for run to run reproducibility.

Refrigerated version available
The Harrier 18/80 Refrigerated combines all the capabilities of the proven Harrier 15/80 in a refrigerated format. The selectable temperature range is from -9C to +40C and uses CFC-free R134a refrigerant gas. This means that in refrigerant terms, the harrier 18/80 Refrigerated complies with all the regulations pertaining to the Montreal Protocol.

High speed microtube rotor
The use of the induction motor provides another benefit in that higher rotational speeds can be achieved. This allows the Harrier range to have a maximum speed in excess of 15,000 rpm with the 24 place microtube rotor.

The addition of regrigeration in the Harrier 18/80 Refrigerated unit allows the microtube rotor an increase in speed to 18,000 rpm giving a maximum 'g' force of 28,980 'g'.

Wide range of accessories available
For routine bench top work, the 4 x 200ml swing out rotor and 200ml sealed buckets are available on the Harrier 15/80. A recent addition on the Harrier 18/80R is the 4 x 200ml windshielded rotor. This uses the same 200ml buckets as used on the Harrier 15/80 but with an increased speed capability of 6,466 'g'. These, combined with a wide range of adaptors, can accomodate most manufacturers' tubes. As well as the swing out rotor, other angle rotors and specialist rotors are available.

Harrier 15/80 - 18/80R Specification
  15/80 18/80R
Max. speed swing-out rotor 4500 rpm 6000 rpm
Max. RCF swing-out rotor 3637 g 6466 g
Max. speed angle rotor 6500 rpm 6500 rpm
Max. RCF angle rotor 5574 g 5574 g
Max. speed microtube rotor 15000 rpm 18000 rpm
Max. RCF microtube rotor 20125 g 28980 g
Max. bottle size 200ml 200ml
Max. capacity 800ml 800ml
Speed control range 1 - 15000 rpm 1 - 18000 rpm
Speed control accuracy 1 rpm 1 rpm
Speed display +- 10 rpm +- 10 rpm
Temperature range   -9C to +40C
Temperature control    
Time set range (both) 0 - 59 mins 59 secs
  0 - 99 hrs 59 mins
  time hold
Time accuracy 0.1 secs 0.1 secs


Height 355mm 355mm
Width 470mm 670mm
Depth 580mm 580mm
Weight 41kg 65kg


Catalogue Numbers
220/230V 50/60Hz MSB080.CX1.5  
120V 50/60Hz MSB080.CX1.1  
220/230V 50Hz   MSB080.CR1.K
120V 60Hz   MSB080.CR1.H


Type 15/80 18/80R
Price £1250.00 £1750.00, £2050.00 with rotor

Gallenkamp - Orbital Incubator

For over 30 years Sanyo Gallenkamp has had an enviable reputation for its range of orbital Incubators. This is now set to continue with a new range incorporating the latest technology, superior illumination and CFC free temperature control.

Sanyo Gallenkamp Orbital Incubators are ideally suited to culturing micro-organisms and cells under strict conditions of temperature, time, light and agitation. The constant motion allows effective aeration with the wide 32mm orbital action reducing buffeting of shear sensitive cells.

The Sanyo Gallenkamp range comprises three versions; the Basic Unit; the Refrigerated Unit; and the Illuminated Refrigerated Unit.

Basic Unit

The new unit incorporates microprocessor control for both temperature and agitation speed. Temperature control is achieved via a recirculating fan and appropriate ducting to achieve uniform temperature control. A unique temperature sensor shield is now incorporated to ensure accurate chamber temperature sensing. This helps to ensure reproducible results.

A new platform has been designed which will accept standard conical flasks from 25ml to 2000ml. The platform now has a matrix of threaded holes drilled into it. The clips used to retain the flasks simply screw directly onto the platform. This enables the configuration of the clips to be changed without removing the platform from the incubator.

Provision has been made to allow alternative atmospheres to be introduced to the chamber if required. Gas leakage is kept to a minimum to ensure economic usage.

The wide 32mm orbit allows maximum agitation of samples on the platform with the minimum of buffeting. Speeds of between 20 and 400 revolutions per minute can be set and controlled repeatedly.

Accessory cooling coil
To operate the unit at, near or just below ambient temperature, a cooling coil can be fitted. This needs to be connected to a cool water supply pr a water recirculator.

An independent over-temperature protection thermostat protects the culture from excessive heating. For operator safety, the platform stops rotating when the lid is opened. When the lid is closed, the platform automatically starts rotating again. A control panel lock switch is also provided to prevent accidental alteration of parameters.

A new state-of-the-art programmer now allows the operator to utilise the orbital incubator to its maximum potential. Although the parameters of temperature, orbital speed and time can be simply entered, with the digital programmer there is the potential to automatically change the temperature using a 3 step program. These temperature changes can be cycled up to 99 times or continuously. A memory will retain the 3 most commonly used programs thus saving time. An RS 485 output provides the facility to monitor performance independently on a PC.

Refrigerated Unit

This model has all the features of the basic unit, but includes refrigeration which allows incubation at temperatures down to 20C below ambient. An under-temperature safety thermostat is included to protect the culture from excessive cooling.

In common with other Sanyo products, this model features CFC free refrigeration using the latest technology available. naturally, the foamed in place insulation used on all models is also CFC free.

Illuminated Refrigerated Unit

Where photosynthesis forms part of the culture, illumination is provided with this model.

6 x 30W fluorescent lights are built into the lid to provide a maximum of 10,2000 lux. Most illumination systems adjust light levels in the incubator by switching lights on and off. Sanyo Gallenkamp has used its considerable plant growth expertise when designing the lighting system. Therefore the new orbital incubator has a variable controller to adjust the light from 20 - 100% in 1% intervals. This advanced system gives superior light distribution over other models.

The incubator is able to automatically control temperature changes which can be linked with the option of controlling the light intensity and speed of the platform. the programmer allows the operator to automatically simulate might and day conditions by controlling light and dark at different temperatures.

Temperature range:
Basic Unit (With cooling coil the unit will operate near to or just below ambient)
Refrigerated Unit
Illuminated Refrigerated Unit

5C above ambient to 60C

20C below ambient to 60C
15C below ambient to 60C

Temperature fluctuation of samples, maximum +-0.1C
Temperature variation between samples 1.0C
Diameter of orbit 32mm
Orbiting speed range 20 to 400 rpm in 1 rpm increments
Power rating, maximum:
Basic Unit
Refrigerated Unit
Illuminated Refrigerated Unit

Platform size 680 x 480mm
Window size (Basic and Refrigerated units only) 575 x 325mm double glazed
Illumination 10,2000 lux maximum
Dimensions (H x W x D)
External, Basic & Refrigerated
External, Illuminated

Basic Unit
Refrigerated Unit
Illuminated Refrigerated Unit



Flask capacity (ml) 25 50 100 250 500 1000 2000
Max. number 101 97 48 38 22 15 11

Ordering information
Orbital Incubator (Basic Model) 220-240V 50Hz
110-120V 60Hz
Orbital Incubator (Refrigerated Model) 220-240V 50Hz
110-120V 60Hz
Orbital Incubator (Illuminated Refrigerated Model) 220-240V 50Hz
110-120V 60Hz
Platform   IOX400.PLB.9
Cooling coil (IOX model only   IOX400.CCA.9
Clips for 25ml flask BKS-356-509X
  for 50ml flask BKS-356-511E
  for 100ml flask BKS-356-513A
  for 250ml flask BKS-356-515T
  for 500ml flask BKS-356-517P
  for 1000ml flask BKS-356-519L
  for 2000ml flask BKS-356-5 21B


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