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The Grant Range of Water Baths!

  • General purpose stirred baths

    Comply with IEC 1010 and Amendments 1 & 2; CSA 22.2

    Economically priced general purpose baths which provide consistent temperature control over the range 0 to 99.9C and are suitable for a variety of applications where temperature uniformity and stability are important. Operation below room temperature is possible using an ancillary water cooling coil or refrigerated cooler.

    Tanks are available in 6, 14, 22, 28 and 38 litre sizes and are made from stainless steel with an easytoclean, solvent resistant plastics outer case. Straight forward working instructions are printed on the side of the case.

    The control units, which are mounted on a bridge plate, offer digital temperature setting and display and provide powerful stirring to ensure good temperature uniformity throughout the bath. Each bath can be fitted with a pump allowing temperature controlled liquid to be circulated through external apparatus. Control units are designed to allow dual position fitting so that the bath may be placed 'sideways' or 'endon' on the bench, as preferred.

    The unit is protected by a user-resettable, fixed over-temperature cutout.


      Model                Y6VF         Y14VF        Y22VF        Y28VF        Y38VF
      Capacity Ltrs        6            14           22           28           38
      Temp range C, 0 to   99.9         99.9         99.9         99.9         99 9
      Display resolution C 0.1          0.1          0.1          0.1          0.1
      Stability C          +/-0.1       +/-0.1       +/-0.1       +/0.1        +/-0.1
      Tank dimensions     300x150      325x300      505x300      505x300      690x300
      lxwxh mm                            x150         x150         x150         x200    
      Top opening lxw mm  120x145      210x300      390x300      390x300      580x300

    Ordering information
    B20-400 - Thermostatic bath, Grant model Y6-VF - 6 Litre - 459.00
    B20-402 - Thermostatic bath, Grant model Y14-VF - 14 Litre - 492.00
    B20-403 - Thermostatic bath, Grant model Y22-VF - 22 Litre - 519.00
    B20-404 - Thermostatic bath, Grant model Y28-VF - 28 Litre - 527.00
    B20-406 - Thermostatic bath, Grant model Y38-VF - 38 Litre - 591.00

    Baths with pump
    B20-410 - Thermostatic bath, Grant model Y6-VFP - 6 Litre - 489.00
    B20-412 - Thermostatic bath, Grant model Y14-VFP - 14 Litre - 522.00
    B20-413 - Thermostatic bath, Grant model Y22-VFP - 22 Litre - 549.00
    B20-414 - Thermostatic bath, Grant model Y28-VFP - 28 Litre - 557.00
    B20-416 - Thermostatic bath, Grant model Y38-VFP - 38 Litre - 621.00

  • Immersion Thermostats Grant

    Immersion thermostats from Grant with either analogue or digital temperature setting and electronic temperature control with Pt-1000 sensor. The thermostat units are housed in a fire-resistant plastics case and all immersed parts are either stainless steel or Ryton plastics and suitable for continuous operation in water at 100C or PEG at 140C.

    The units are fitted with a pump for external circulation and over-temperature low liquid level protection is fitted. The thermostats are supplied with a clamp designed to lit onto existing tanks or water baths .


      Model                       TA                   TD
      Temperature range C         0 to +150          -30 to +150
      Sensitivity (DIN 58966) C   +/-0.01              +/-0.01
      Control sensor              Pt-1000              Pt-1000
      Pump max head m             1.7                  1.7
      Pump max flow ltr/min        8                      8
      Immersion depth mm          150                  150
      Dimensions l x w x h mm     126 x 137 x 337      126 x 137 x 337
      Heater load kW              1.5                  1.5
      Electrical requirements     240V 50Hz all models

    Ordering information
    B20-585 - Immersion thermostat Grant model TA with Pt-1000 temperature control and analogue setting - 517.00
    B20-590 - Immersion thermostat Grant model TD with Pt-1000 temperature control and digital setting and display - 623.00

  • Thermostatic baths Grant Barrington range

    A new series of baths distinguished by modern, practical design and offering options to suit the most demanding user. The series offers five sizes of tank and a choice of control units with either analogue or digital setting. The tanks are formed in stainless steel and have glass fibre reinforced polyester moulded-in carrying handles. Operating instructions are printed clearly on the outside of the baths.

    The smallest bath (6 litre capacity) utilises an immersion thermostat (see analogue type B20-585 or digital type B20-590) as a control unit, mounted on a stainless steel cover at one end of the bath. The four larger sizes of bath (which have a common width) employ a bridge control unit mounted across one end of the bath. These bridge control units are also available with either analogue or digital setting.

    In the analogue control units the temperature is set using a knob with a scale graduated in C and fitted with a locking device. Fine adjustment may be carried out bv screwdriver over a ranqe of 1C.

    In the digital control units a liquid crystal display has a resolution of 0 1 C and the temperature is set by pushing in the knob and turning until the desired value is displayed When the knob is released the actual bath temperature is displayed .

    Both control units use a PT1000 sensor which has a greater output than the PT100 sensors commonly employed in comparable thermostatic baths. The most significant feature of the new control system is its long term stability

    Both control units are fitted with adjustable over teTlperanlre protecbon an low liquid level float switches. Pumps for external circulation are also fltted as standard .

    The Grant circulation system is unequalled for temperature uniformity throughout the bath. A propeller forces liquid down below the control unit, under a circulation tray and up at the far end. This produces a powerful horizontal flow throughout the whole of the working space and minimises the effect of the objects placed in the bath. The 6-litre bath does not use the circulation tray since its small volume renders this unnecessary. The 6-litre bath is supplied complete with flat stainless stee! lid with plastic handle. 1 he control unit fits onto a stalnless steel cover at one ena of the bath. This bath is intended primarily as a small circulator for pumping temperature controlled fluid around other apparatus The four other sizes of bath are supplied without lids and the bridge control units fit over one end of the bath. Glass fibre reinforced plastic lids are available as accessories for these models.

    As with all Grant equipment, these baths carry a three year guarantee against faulty materials or workmanship.

    Specification - Tanks

    Model                W6          W14          W22           W28          W38
    Capacity ltr          6           14           22            28           38
    Working area lxw mm   120 x 150   215 x 300    390 x 300     390 x 300    550 x 300
    Working depth 
    min/max mm            80/140      70/130       90/130        120/180      120/180
    dimensions            325x175x365 350x325x270  530x325x320   530x325x320  645x325x330
    lxwxh mm

    Specification - Bridge Control Units

    Model                ZA                ZD             ZDP
    Temp setting         Analogue          Digital        Digital programmable
    Temp range C         0 tol50           0 to 150       0 to 150
    Sens (DIN 58966) C   +/-0.01           +/-0.01        +/-0.01
    Temp sensor          Pt1000            Pt1000         Pt1000
    Pump head max mtr    1.7               1.7            1.7
    Pump flow ltr/min    10                10             10
    Heater kW            1.5               1.5            1.5
    Electrical requirements     240V 50Hz all models
    Ordering information
  • Thermostatic baths with controller B20-600 - 6 ltrs Analogue W6-KA - 604.00
    B20-602 - 6 ltrs Digital W6-KD - 710.00
    B20-610 - 14 ltrs Analogue W14-ZA - 599.00
    B20-612 - 14 ltrs Digital W14-ZD - 705.00
    B20-614 - 22 ltrs Analogue W22-ZA - 644.00
    B20-616 - 22 ltrs Digital W22-ZD - 750.00
    B20-620 - 28 ltrs Analogue W28-ZA - 650.00
    B20-622 - 28 ltrs Digital W28-ZD - 756.00
    B20-630 - 38 ltrs Analogue W38-ZA - 714.00
    B20-632 - 38 ltrs Digital W38-ZD - 820.00

  • Baths only
    B20-640 - 6 ltrs W6 - 146.00
    B20-642 - 14 ltrs W14 - 141.00
    B20-643 - 22 ltrs W22 - 186.00
    B20-644 - 28 ltrs W28 - 192.00
    B20-646 - 38 ltrs W38 - 256.00

  • Control units only
    B20-650 - Analogue KA - 458.00
    B20-652 - Digital KD - 564.00
    B20-654 - Analogue ZA - 458.00
    B20-656 - Digital ZD - 564.00
    B20-658 - Digital programmable ZDP - 644.00

    A huge range of Accessories are available for all the Grants water baths, enquire for details.

    * To request further information please Email
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