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  • Refrigerated Circulators - Grant LTD series

    Compact circulators with stainless reservoir tank and integral refrigeration unit utilising ozone-friendly R134A refrigerant. Immersed parts are manufactured from stainless steel and Ryton fire-retardant plastic, with nickel-plated copper cooling coil.

    The control unit has a liquid crystal display, desired temperature being set by pushing in the control knob and turning until the required temperature is displayed. When the knob is released the actual bath temperature is displayed. Low liquid level protection and adjustable high and low temperature protection devices are fitted.

    Circulators are supplied complete with a flat stainless steel lid with plastic handle.


       Model                       LTD6G               LTD20G
      Temp range                   -20 to +100         -30 to +100
      Display resolution           +/-0.1              +/-0.1
      Sensitivity                  +/-0.02             0.02
      Stability                    +/-0.015            0.02
      Uniformity                   +/-0.02             0.05
      Cooling capacity W           140                 560
      Pump max flow ltr/min        8.5                 8.5
      Pump max head m              1.7                 1.7
      Tank volume liters           6                   20
      Top opening lxh mm           120x145             200x290
      Dimensions lxwxh mm          395x225x505         470x390x630
      Weight Kg                    24                  50
      Heater load kW               1.4                 1.4
      Electrical requirements      240v 50hz 1.8kW     240v 50hz 2.1kW

    Ordering Information
    C29-180 - Refrigerated circulator Grant model LTD6G - 1629.00
    C29-190 - Refrigerated circulator Grant model LTD20G - 2535.00

    Recirculating chillers

    RC chillers deliver a flow of controlled -temperature liquid, providing powerful, regulated cooling for many types of scientific apparatus.


    • A source of refrigerated, temperature controlled liquid, to remove heat from, and control the temperature of, other apparatus
    • For circulation through open and closed systems

    10 to 60C operation

    • RC350G,RC400G and RC1400G control the liquid temperature by using a heater to balance the effect of the cooling power, they can also be used as heated circulators to raise and control the temperature of external equipment up to 60C
    • RC3000G controls temperature using a hot gas bypass system, which is effectively an on-off control for the refrigeration system; this is highly energy efficient, but means that the RC3000G can not be used for heating; the most stable performance is achieved when cooling a large volume with a stable heat load
    • RC350G:-5 to 60C
    • RC400G,RC1400G,RC3000G:-10 to 60C

    Stability to+ -0.25C

    • RC350G,RC400G,RC1400G:+-25C (10L system volume)
    • RC3000G:+-0.5C (25L system volume)

    Digital setting and display

    • Ensure accuracy and reproducibility of set temperature
    • Constant display of actual liquid temperature for at-a-glance assurance that the equipment is functioning correctly

    Cooling power @ 20C: 325W, 375W, 1100W, 2800W

    • Choice of four models for you to select the cooling power appropriate for your application
    • Powerful cooling for high heat extraction and rapid cool down
    • Ozone-friendly refrigerant


    • Each model consists of a temperature control unit, small reservoir, refrigeration unit and circulating pump, all housed in an outer case, with control panel and digital displays on the front, and inlet and outlet pipes protruding from the rear, for connection to the external system

    SPECIFICATION - RC recirculating chillers

    Temperature rangeambient 20.CC-5 to 60-10 to 60
    Stability (DIN 68906)@ 20.C using waterC +-0 251 +-0.52
    Temperature setting

    Temperature display

    Display resolution
    C 1.0
    Typical cooling power @ 20C W 325375 1100 2800

    @0C W 90 1204001150

    @ -10C W-20 150575
    Heater power
    kW 0.75 1.5 -
    Overall consumption
    Llquld flow ratemax.L/min15 12 15
    Pump head pressure@ 1L/min psi22.59 22.5
    kg 425388
    Dimensionsd/w/h mm600/370/510630/380/590840/490/640
    Pipe connectionsinlet/outlet3/8" BSP male
    Reservoir capacity
    litres 0.9 1.1
    Safety temperature
    switchable undertemperature thermostat

    fixed overtemperature cut-out -

    flow-fail device
    Electrical supply
    V 220-240

    Hz 50

    1 With 10 litres of water in the system. 2 With 25 litres of water in the system.

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