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  • Electrothermal Micro Kjeldal

    A compact six position unit with stainless steel case for single or multiple digestions. Each flask position has individual temperature control. fully adjustable arms support an accessory fume exhaust tube.


    Flask capacity           18 to 50 ml
    Element temperature max  550C
    Dimensions lxwxh         610x203x152mm
    Ordering information
    D40-200 - Digestion unit, micro Kjeldahl Electrothermal - 616.00

    Accessories and Spares

    D40-205 - Fume exhaust tube glass - 57.00
    D40-210 - Replacement element - 54.00

    Electrothermal Macro Kjeldahl

    These aluminium units have been designed to be suitable for use with existing or specially constructed stands. The lower compartment of the unit contains the control equipment which includes an energy regulator and indicator lamp for each position. a well ventilated air space separates the controls from the quartz fibre insulated heating elements which may be operated up to red heat (max 800C). The unit is supplied complete with a flask rest and support clamps and brackets.

    Ordering information

              Flask size    No of   LxW mm   Wattage   Each  
                  ml       places
    D40-300   100 to 300     2    305x203   600     318.55
    D40-310   500 to 800     2    305x203   110     361.11
    D40-320   100 to 300     6    914x203   1800    654.35
    D40-330   500 to 800     6    914x203   3300    822.25

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