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  • Transparent Kugelrohr distillation oven Buchi

    buchi Kugelrohr Distillation is particularly suited to the distillation of small amounts of liquids (20mg or more) and also the high vacuum distillation of high-boiling oils (up to 209) because of the very short distillation path. For fractionation, the boiling points should be about 20C to 30C apart; when multi-bulb tubes are used, the distillation can be repeatedly carried out in the same tube.

    The oven consists of two borosilicate glass tubes mounted on a support which carries the iris-type closure. The inner tube is heated by means of a surface-coated electrically conductive layer and a temperature sensor controls the surface temperature so that residues in the bulbs will not rise above the indicated temperature. The outer tube acts as a heat insulator and as a guard for the hot inner tube.

    The Kugelrohr bulb tubes are held in a support which has a vacuum stopcock and includes an electric drive unit which rotates the ball tube at 15rpm. This support is free to slide along a guide rail to enable the bulb tube to be inserted or removed from the oven. The control module provides an On/Off switch with indicator lights for power and heaters, a switch for the ball tube drive, temperature selection knob and analogue temoerature disolav.

    There are two types of Kugelrohr tubes consisting of a train of five fixed bulbs or of separate bulbs connected by ground-glass joints with a jointed tube at one end. During distillations all the bulbs, except that nearest the tube end, are slid into the oven. After distillation/ fractionation the individual bulbs may be cut off or separated.


      Temperature range                 30 to 250C
      Oven interior dimensions lxdia    200 x 50mm
      Iris diaphragm aperture           5 to 50mm (lockable)
      Drive unit speed                  15 rpm
      Dimensions lxwxh                  300 x 330 x 300mm
      Weight                            7kg
      Electrical requirements           240V 400W 50Hz

    Ordering information
    D56-302 - Transparent Kugelrohr Distillation Oven with temperature control and electric drive - 1715.00

  • Accessories and spares

    D56-170 - Kugelrohr tube, 5 bulbs one piece Bulb diameter 1 x 30mm,4 x 25mm - 15.70
    D56-175 - Kugelrohr tube, jointed, 3 bulbs and shaft Bulb diameter 45mm - 98.70
    D56-180 - Kugelrohr tube, jointed, 4 bulbs and shaft Bulb diameter 35mm - 120.80

    D56-320 - Ice cooling device - 91.40

    D56-322 - Drying tube assembly - 222.60
    D56-325 - Drying tube with sublimination device - 295.10

    D56-330 - Cover hood for drying tube - 120.80

    D56-335 - Vacuum connection - 58.80
    D56-340 - Vacuum gasket - 1.90
    D56-355 - Gasket extraction tool - 33.10

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