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  • Glassware Dryer Nelldorn model B7/TDL

    glassware Wall or bench mounting for the rapid drying of laboratory glassware such as cylinders and flasks which are otherwise difficult to dry.

    The unit comprises a compact metal frame with a fan and heater in the base and a unique stepped position facility for up to 60 items supported on plastic tubes. Heating is controlled by half and full switch selection and a timer scaled 5 to 30 minutes and over-temperature cut-out is provided.


      Dimensions l x w x h      520 x 210 x 300mm
      Electrical requirements   240V 21 kW

    Ordering information
    D85-310 - Glassware dryer, Nendorn model B7 TDL with timer and over-temperature cut-out - 550.00
    D85-370 - Replacement air fiIters. Pack of 4 - 12.00
    D85-375 - Drying tubes length 75mm. Pack of 30 - 14.00

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