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  • Transparent Drying Oven Buchi model T0-51

    dryer The Buchi TO-51 drying oven provides an unobstructed view of the material being dried. Mounted on top of the control unit, the oven consists of 2 glass tubes. The outside of the inner tube is coated with an electrically conductive layer. This completely transparent heating layer, which is evaporated on to the whole length of the oven, heats the oven space directly ie. without any liquid heat transfer medium. This affords both excellent operating reliability and rapid temperature change. A wire guard prevents accidental contact with the hot outer tube.

    The temperature can be set at any value between 30 and 300C Control is electronic, employing a thermocouple mounted directly on the heating layer. This combination provides very effective stabilization of the preset working temperature.

    The drying tube holding the sample has an inner diameter of 43mm and is attached to the end cap with a vacuum-tight flange fitting. This makes it possible to open the drying tube easily even after extended drying periods. The end bulb provides space for a drying agent. The connection for the vacuum hose is provided with a ball joint so that the hose can be separated from the drying tube by hand and the tube can be withdrawn from the oven without hindrance.

    The Buchi T0-51 drying oven is designed basically for use as bench-standing unit, but the oven can also be attached to a wall mount without difficulty, permitting it to be used vertically if desired. A suitable socket with rod is available as an accessory. Other accessories include drying vials with polythene closures, a drying vial rack and a sublimation accessory.


      Chamber dimensions l x dia      200 x 50mm
      Drying tube dimensions l x dia  210 x 43mm
      Temperature range               30 to 300C
      Overall dimensions l x w x h    140 x 260 x 220mm
      Weight                          5kg
      Electrical requirements         240V 50Hz 400W
    Ordering information
    D85-702 - Drying oven BuchiTO-51 complete with one drying tube - 935.00

    Accessories and spares ordering information
    D56-330 - Cover hood with stopcock - 120.80
    D85-725 - Drying tube with coupling - 170.10
    D85-728 - Sublimation accessory - 223.70
    D85-730 - Vial rack with 12 vials - 44.10
    D85-732 - Drying vials with polythene closure. Pack of 100 - 43.10
    D85-735 - Socket for stand mounting - 28.40
    D85-740 - Sealing ring - 2.40
    D85-745 - Drying tube lower part - 22.10
    D85-750 - Hose connection - 20.00
    D85-755 - Screw cap with spring - 64.60

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