Jepson Bolton's International Catalogue

Nickel-Electro - Boiling Baths!

  • Circular Aluminium Baths

    Fixed temperature baths with concentric ringed lids to vary the hole size. The steam produced provides an effective source of heat for samples that may be otherwise thermally damaged by a naked flame.

    Round and Rectangular Style

  • All round and rectangular baths have an integral constant level device to regulate the lever of water.*
  • Supplied with a set of rings to vary the diameter of the hole in the lid.
  • Electrically heated baths have a class 1 over-heat protection device.
  • Supplied with a connector and power cord with plug.
  • The metal element collar ensures earth continuity to the outer case. All electrial baths are suitable for 230V, 50 - 60Hz operation.
  • Accessory energy regulator can be used for control between vigorous boil and gentle simmer.

    table test

    Cat. No.
    Dia x Depth
    Hole Details
    Heater, Watts.
    Gas Heated.
    127 x 90 mm
    125mm diameter
    152 x 102 mm
    150mm diameter
    203 x 127 mm
    200mm diameter
    Electrically Heated
    203 x 127 mm
    200mm diameter
    252 x 152 mm
    250mm diameter

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