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Hotplate, digital

  • SD160

  • Accurate digital setting and control of plate temperature
  • Microprocessor for very accurate temperature control
  • Simultaneous display of set and actual temperature

    A stylish digital hotplate designed for very accurate control of plate temperature. Ideal for microarrays, in-situ hybridisation and specialised electronics applications.

    The excellent heat transmission of the robust aluminium top plate combined with state of the art digital temperature control gives rapid heating and ensures very even temperature distribution across the whole of the plate.

    The easy to read digital display indicates both set and actual plate temperature and the encoder control allows rapid and accurate temperature selection.

    The cast aluminium body is shaped for stability and also helps deflect spills away from the user. The 'Hot' warning light will flash whenever the plate temperature is above 50C.

    An independent safety circuit protects against overheating and internal electronic components are protected against corrosion.

  • Technical specification

    Plate material 			    	 Al/Si alloy
    Plate dimensions, mm 			 160 x 160
    Heater power, W 			 700
    Max. plate temperature, C 		 325
    Display resolution, C			 1
    Temperature variation across plate, C 	 0.2 @ 37C/1.0 @ 150C
    Temperature stability, C 	         0.25
    Overall dimensions, (w x d x h), mm 	 190 x 300 x 110
    Net weight, kg 				 2.5
    Electricity supply 		         230V, 50-60Hz , 700W

  • Ordering Information

    Model 	Description      Cost
    SD160 	Hotplate, metal top, digital - 425.50

  • Hotplate/stirrers accessories

    A complete range of accessories is available for Stuart hotplates and stirrers (160 x 160mm plate size). From protecting the equipment to bringing solutions for heating different shape vessels, these accessories are the safe and easy way to get the most from your hotplate.

  • Protective Covers

  • Fits snugly around the outercase
  • Economic protection against spillage of chemicals
  • Resistant to most common chemicals and solvents
  • Manufactured from Esco silicone rubber
  • Oil / Water Bath

  • Robust aluminium construction
  • Safe alternative to using glass containers
  • Cool phenolic handles
  • Four feet to secure the bath onto the plate
  • Large 2 litre capacity
  • Sand Bath

  • Perfect to dry heat test tubes or any small vessels.
  • Robust aluminium construction
  • Four feet to prevent the bath from moving off the plate
  • 1 litre capacity
  • Round bottom flask block

  • Transform hotplates into heating mantles!
  • Robust aluminium block with securing feet
  • Four different sized holes for 25ml, 50ml, 100ml and 250ml round bottom flasks.
  • Pre-drilled hole for thermometer or other types of temperature probe
  • Ordering Information

    Model 	Description                                       Cost
    SB16/1 	Protection cover hotplate or stirrer only        - 17.11     
    SB16/2 	Protection cover stirrer/hotplate analogue       - 17.11
    SB16/3  Protection cover stirrer/hotplate digital        - 17.11
    SB16/4 	Protection cover hotplate digital                - 17.11
    SB16/5 	Oil / water bath                                 - 54.58
    SB16/6 	Flask block                                      - 119.33
    SB16/7 	Sand bath                                        - 48.10
    SR1	Retort rod                                       - 18.50

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