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  • Fraction Collection Buchi model B-684

    A robust, precision instrument suitable for virtually all types of fraction collection and capable of functioning equally well either as a stand alone unit or as the principal module in Buchi Chromatography systems. The collection process is on an elapsed time basis which can be preset from 1 second to 999 minutes per fraction. Three types of tube racks (supplied separately) are available for 20ml, 50ml and 250ml tubes respectively. A distribution plate is also available for collecting fractions of unlimited size. A three-way solenoid valve is employed to divert flow to waste during changeover.

    The unit is equipped with three switched and three direct power output sockets to enable detectors, pump, gradient former etc. to be powered or controlled by the fraction collector. For precise control of peak separation and collection, the B-684 may be advantageously used in conjunction with the B-686 peak detector or any detector system having a 10mV output. Optional eluant level detectors may be employed to shut down the system in the event of solvent reservoirs running dry or overflowing.

    The B-684 is supplied complete with power cables for auxiliary units, changeover valve and all necessary tubing and fittings but without racks and tubes which should be ordered separately.

  • Specification
      Collection options                    240 x 20ml tubes
                                            120 x 50ml tubes
                                            48 x 250ml tubes
                                            1 to 4 distribution plates
                                            each with 12 positions
      Collection time per fraction          1 to 999 secs/mins
      Maximum throughput                    200 ml/min
      Materials in contact with solvent     PTFE, Kel-F, Kalrez, borosilicate glass
      (Additional with distribution plate)  Stainless steel, polyethylene
      Console inpLlts                       Detector, B-686 Peak Detector,
                                            Eluant level detector(s), Pressure sensor
      Consolec outputs                      3 switched power, 3 continuous
                                            power; changeover valve, X-Y drive,
                                            event marker, recorder
      Dimensions l x w x h                  480 x 420 x 550 mm
      Weight (without racks)                15.4 kg
      Weight of 4 racks                     6.3 to 9.5 kg (depending on rack size)
      Electrical requirements               240V 25W

    Ordering information

      C21-200  Fraction Collector model B-684,
               supplied without racks or tubes
               Buchi ref 22604                                   3800.00
      C21-210  Set of 4 racks with 300 x 20ml tubes
               Buchi ref 22617                                    399.00
      C21-212  Set of 4 racks with 120 x 50ml tubes
               Buchi ref 22616                                    512.00
      C21-214  5et of 4 racks with 48 x 250ml ubes
               Buchi ref 22615                                    472.00
      C21-216  Distribution plate with 12 positions
               for unlimited fraction size, holder
               and 12m of Teflon hose                             210.00
      C21-220  Spare rack for 20ml tubes 
               Buchi ref 22081                                     88.00
      C21-222  Spare rack for 50ml tubes
               Buchi ref 22082                                     85.00
      C21-224  Spare rack for 250ml tubes
               Buchi ref 22083                                     88.00
      C21-226  Distribution plate, 12 position 
               Buchi ref 22635                                    124.00
      C21-228  PTFE hose
               Buchi ref 22668 Per metre                            7.05
      C21-230  Collecting tubes, 20ml
               Buchi ref 22612 Pack of 100                         69.50
      C21-232  Collecting tube, 50ml
               Buchi ref 22625                                      3.55
      C21-234  Collecting tube, 250ml
               Buchi ref 22626                                      5.90
      C21-586  Eluant exhaustion detector for use
               with fresh solvent reservoir Connects to input
               of B-688 pump or B-684 fraction collector.
               Buchi ref 28558                                    489.00
      C21-588  Eluant over-fill detector for use
               with waste solvent reservoir. Connects to input
               of B-688 pump or B-684 fraction collector.         489.00

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