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  • Ice Flake Makers Scotsman

    ice These ice flakers have rugged, compact stainless steel cabinets incorporating the proven Scotsman flake making system. The units are supplied complete with legs which give a 120mm clearance between the underside of the cabinet and the floor. The flaked ice is stored inside the insulated plastic-lined storage bin which has a slide-in door for convenient ice-removal .

    All components can be exposed by removing front, rear and top panels to facilitate servicing; electrical and water connections are on the rear panel. The units are equipped with safety controls providing protection against failure of both the refrigeration system and water supply.


    Model                           AF1 OAS           AF20AS
    Ice production capacity kg/day  130               70r
    Ice storage capacity kg         Air               Air
    Condensing Unit                 Air               Air
    Compressor                      1/5hp             3/8hp
    Water feed required Itr/hr      6                 6.5
    Finish                          Stainless steel   Stainless steel
    Dimensions l x w x h mm         613 x 584 x 1026  613 x 969 x 1026
    Weight kg                       76                91
    Electrical requirements         220/250V 3.5A     220/250V 3.5A

    Ordering information
    120-110 - Icemaker Scotsman model AF1 OAS Ice Flaker 2805.00
    120-120 - Icemaker Scotsman model AF2 0AS Ice Flaker 3450.00

  • Icemakers Ziegra

    High quality ice makers which produce chip ice in a form particularly suited to laboratory requirements ie. with an irregular crystalline structure of large surface area.

    The ice makers are plug-in units requiring only connection to water supply and mains power, with a drain facility for melt water. They are designed to run unattended, with built-in safety features guarding against water failure and overload. The refrigeration units are high-efficiency types which minimise the electric power consumption.

    The units are constructed from stainless steel both inside and outside and the storage bins are well insulated with polyurethane. The compressors are very quiet and reliable and all ice makers come with a two year guarantee.
    Water supply connections are 1/2in BSP and drain line connections are 14mm.


    Model              ZBE30-10      ZBE70-35      ZBE150-100      ZBE250-100
    Ice output /24hr kg   30            70           150           250
    Storage capacity kg   10            35           100           100
    Noise level at 3m dBA 45            45           48            52
    Rerigerant            R12           R12          R22           R22
    Dimensions lxwxh mm   400x500x710   460x600x930  700x700x1560  700x700x1560
    Weight kg             60            70           140           155
    Electrical load kW    0.3           0.3          0.5           0.9
    Electrical req        240V50Hz - all models
    Ordering information
    120-140 - Ice maker Ziegra model ZBE30-10 - 2600.00
    120-142 - Ice maker Ziegra model ZBE70-35 - 2675.00
    120-144 - Ice maker Ziegra model ZBE150-100 - 3640.00
    120-146 - Ice maker Ziegra model ZBE250-100 - 3980.00

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