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Stuart - Rotary Evaporators

  • Recirculating Cooler, SRC3

  • Sufficient cooling power to run two evaporators simultaneously
  • Digital setting of temperature
  • Clear LED display
  • Quiet operation
  • Powerful 450W cooling capacity

    The recirculating cooler offers powerful cooling for your condenser, by accurately controlling the temperature of your cooling medium down to -20oC. A recirculating cooler is not only much more powerful than conventional water cooling, but is also an ideal alternative when water consumption is an issue for economical, environmental or practical reasons.

  • Technical Specification

    Cooling capacity
    450W at 10oC
    Temperature range
    Control accuracy
    Bath capacity
    3 litres
    Pump rate
    10 litres / minute
    Net weight
    Dimensions (w x d x h)
    206 x 401 x 540mm
    Electrical supply
    230V, 50Hz

  • Ordering Information

    Recirculating Cooler

    * To request further information please Email
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