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Melting Point Apparatus

  • SMP30

    Updating the previous top level manual melting point from Stuart is the SMP30, this unit replaces the successful SMP3 with many improvements and novel features, many of which are patented, like the unique head up display that allows the user to see a display of the block temperature through the sample viewfinder.

    Head up display

    Whilst performing a manual melting point it is natural to glance at the temperature of the block to see when the melt should occur, unfortunately this means taking your eye off the sample, and you risk missing the start of the melt. But with the SMP30's unique patented 'head up display' a temperature display is housed within the eyepiece, so you can see the sample tubes and temperature at the same time without even having to refocus your eye. The position of the display in your eyeline can be adjusted or even switched off if you would prefer not to use this feature.

    Head adjustment

    It is important to be comfortable when using a melting point apparatus, that's why the SMP30 has a two way head adjustment. The head can be pivoted from the unit towards the user and then the angle of the head can be adjusted to ensure that the most comfortable viewing angle can be obtained. Once moved into position the head will firmly hold in place until moved again.

    Accessory printer

    To keep a more permanent record of the results an accessory printer is available which will provide printouts of each result individually, including date and time.

    Block cleaning

    It is inevitable that at some point in the life of a melting point apparatus that the block will need cleaning. So as with the SMP40 the SMP30 has been designed to allow easy access to the block for cleaning.


    To allow for the clearest view of the samples bright white LED's have been used to give clean, clear lighting. LED's also have the advantage of longevity over conventional bulbs.

    Maximum temperature and cooling

    The SMP40 has a maximum temperature of 400degC allowing a greater array of materials to be measured. Cooling from 350degC to 50degC is also possible in approximately 12 minutes allowing for fast sample throughput.


    To assist with the melting point process the Stuart SMP30 has our largest display yet on a manual unit, the custom user interface runs on an impressive 40 x 4 character display, guiding the user through the entire process and always informing them of important information such as time and block temperature at all times.

  • Technical Specification

    Melting Point Method         - Digital
    Number of samples - 3
    Temperature range - Ambient to 400C
    Temperature resolution - 0.1C
    Display - 40 x 4 LCD
    Ramp rates - 0.5-10C in 0.1C increments
    Temperature Sensor - PT100 Platinum Resistance
    Memory - 8 results per tube
    Accessory Printer Available - Yes
    Date/Time display - Yes
    Cool down time 350-50C - 12 Minutes
    Heat up time 50-350C - 6 Minutes
    Electrical supply - 120V / 230V / 50-60Hz
    Onboard Capillary Storage - Yes
    In-built Glass Cutter - No
    Language Variants - English, German, French, Italian, Spanish
    Temperature Units - C
    Dimensions (w x d x h) - 325 x 200 x 170
    Net weight - 3.6 Kg

  • Ordering Information

    Model      Description                                                
    SMP30  - Digital melting point apparatus, 0.1degC resolution, complete 
            with pack of 100 melting point tubes, closed at one end.
    SMP30/1  - Accessory printer with power supply, only for use with SMP30
    SMP2/1  - Glass melting point tubes, closed at both ends, pack of 100
    SMP1/4  - Glass melting point tubes, open at both ends, pack of 100
    SMP10/1  - Glass melting point tubes, closed at one end, pack of 100 

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