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  • Melting Point Apparatus Electrothermal

    melting Available in three models, each of which will test up to three samples simultaneously at temperatures up to 400C. When measurements are made the results may be stored in a memory, enabling melting point temperature to be captured very quickly by single key depressions and without removing the eye from the viewing lens. The different phases of a melt on a single sample or the melting point of three samples can thus be readily recorded.

    With the model IA9100 an automatic ramp rate of 1 0C/min is used to raise the temperature of the sample. The model IA9200 provides the option of five standard ramp rates or, by keyboard entry, any temperature ramp rate between 02C/min and 10C/min in 01C increments. This latter model also provides a batch memory and real-time clock to store the results, date and time of tests and these can be recalled using the batch number. A printer output on the model IA9200 allows the connection of a printer to produce hard copy.

    The IA9300 provides similar features to the IA9200 but allows in addition two discrete melt temperatures to be recorded for each capillary tube. This feature enables for example the clear recording of a 'start of melt' and 'full meniscus' temperature for each of the three samples under test. A tube-select key toggles between the sample tubes and LED indicators on a head-up display behind the viewing lens shows which hlhe is selected.

    When the equipment is in use the head, with its bright sample illumination and focusing viewing lens (magnification X6), may be adjusted for height and viewing angle to minimise operator fatigue. When not in use the arm with viewinq head mav be folded flat.

    Supplied complete with low voltage power supply adaptor, Nicad battery for clock memory and pack of melting point capillaries.


      Model                         1A9100           1A9200/9300
      Temperature range C          45 to 400        45 to 400
      Resolution C                 0.1              0.1
      Accuracy ( 200C) +C         0.5              0.5
      Accuracy ( 350C) +C         1.0              1.0
      Digital display (LCD)         12mm 4 digit     12mm 4 digit
      Data output                   -                RS232-C
      Viewing lens magnification    X6               X6
        Arm extended l x w x h mm   350 x 200 x 450  350 x 200 x 450
        Arm folded l x w x h mm     350 x 200 x 85   350 x 200 x 85
      Weight kg                     2.5              2.5
      Electrical requirements       240V 45W         240V 45W

      Ordering Information M20-651 Melting point apparatus Electrothermal model IA9100 with 4-key membrane keypad 780.00 M20-655 Melting point apparatus Electrothermal model IA9200 with 16-key membrane keypad, programmable ramp rate and RS232 output 899.00 M20-656 Melting point apparatus Electrothermal model IA9300 with 16-key membrane keypad, programmable ramp rate and RS232 output 950.00 M20-658 Printer with connecting cable 451.00 M20-660 Melting Point tubes 1 5mm id. Pack of 1000 68.00 M20-662 Melting point tubes 2 0mm id. Pack of 1000 80.00 M20-666 Dust cover 20.00 M20-672 Coldfinger 26.00

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