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Molecular Biology

Filtration Manifolds Schleicher & Schuell

For Dot and Slot Blot analyses. Supplied with membrane starter packs.

  • Minifold 1
    Constructed from Delrin, the unit provides for simultaneous filtration of 96 samples of up to 500ul volume. Sample holes are in the microtitre format.

    M67-160 - Minifold 1 Dot Blotter - 797.84

  • Minifold S
    This unit is identical to the Minifold 1 but has a 60 well top plate with slot shaped wells. Top plates are interchangeable. The unit can be used for quantitative immobilisation and detection by densitometry.

    M67-162 - Minifold S Slot Blotter - 797.84

  • Vacublot Frame
    Allows Minifold dot or slot blotters to be converted for use as vacuum transfer systems for rapid transfer of DNA trom aqarose aels to carrier membranes

    M67-165 - Vacublot frame - 194.07

  • Membranes for Transfer and Immobilisation
    A number of media are offered for the capillary and electropholetic transfer of proteins and nucleic acids

  • Cellulose Nitrate is a widely used carrier It is also available in a fleece reinforced form for repeated probing

  • Nytran N is a polyamide membrane suited to the electrophoretic transfer of nucleic acids.

  • Transa-Bind is a diazotised carrier used extensively in diagnostic tests for selective binding of antibodies.

  • DEAE and Carboxymethyl Cellulose are cationic and anionic ion exchange membranes. Applications include elution of nucleic acids from agarose gels and electroblotting

  • Selex 20 is a polypropylene based membrane with excellent solvent resistance. It can be used for protein microsequencing applications.

    Transfer Membranes for Minifold 1 & Minifold S size 102 x 133mm

                                              Pack qty       Pack
      M67-170  Cellulose Nitrate 0-45um        10           34.07
      M67-172  Cellulose Nitrate 0 2um         10           34.07
      M67-176  Cellulose Nitrate 0 451m
               fleece-supported                10           36.04
      M67-178  Cellulose Nitrate 0-2um
               fleece-supported                10           36.04
      M67-180  Nytran-N 0 45um                 10           38.51
      M67-182  Nytran-N 0-2um                  10           38.51
      M67-184  Transa-Bind                     2            60.91
      M67-186  DEAE membrane                   2            33.08
      M67-188  CM membrane                     2            33.08
      M67-190  Gel blotting paper              100          10.62

  • Minifold ll

    This unit is another variation of the 96 sample unit with slot shaped wells arranged in 3 rows of 24 which are arranged to accommodate a standard multi-tip pipette. Applications include immuno adsorption studies eg. ELISA, detection of recombinants and densitometric detection and quantification of nucleic acids and proteins.

    M67-200 - Minifold ll Slot Blotter - 797.84

    Transfer membranes for Minifold ll size 63 x 228mm

                                               Pack qty       Pack
      M67-210  Cellulose Nitrate 0.45um        10           34.07
      M67-212  Cellulose Nitrate 0.2um         10           34.07
      M67-216  Nytran-N 0.2um                  10           38.51
      M67-218  Nytran-N 0.45um                 10           38.51
      M67-222  DEAE membrane                   5            120.97
      M67-226  Carrier and gel blotting paper  100          16.79

  • Accutran-Cross (Cross Blot/Cross Dot)

    The Accutran-Cross unit enables a wide variety of blot and dot assays to be performed in two dimensions eg. antigen-antibody nucleic acid hybridisations etc.

    Grid plates with either longitudinal (A-N) or transverse grooves (0-33) are compressed on the transfer membrane which sits on a soft rubber plate, sealing the grooves which can then accept up to 200ul of sample. The unit comes with 3 soft rubber plates, 1 each of grid plates A-D. 1 pack of 10 cellulose nitrate membranes (0 45um) and 1 pack of 10 blotting papers

    M67-228 - Accutran-Cross Cross-Blot/Cross-Dot System - 683.56

  • Transfer Membranes Whatman BioBind-NC

    A pure nitrocellose membrane suitable for Southern, Western and Northern blotting techniques. Available in either sheet or roll form and with two pore sizes. BioBind-NC is low in extractables, Triton-free and gives low background with high signal to noise ratio

    M67-300 - BioBind-NC, 200 x 200mm sheets, 0.2u pore Pack of 15 - 61.20
    M67-302 - BioBind-NC, 200 x 200mm sheets, 0.451u pore Pack of 15 - 61.20

  • Transfer membranes for Accutran-Cross size 56 x 130mm

                                              Pack qty     Pack
      M67-230  Cellulose Nitrate 0.45pm        50         58.38
      M67-232  Cellulose Nitrate 0.2pm         50        102.43
      M67-234  Cellulose Nitrate 0.1um         50        102.43
      M67-236  Nytran-N 0.2um                  50        109.75
      M67-238  Nytran-N 0.45um                 50        109.75
      M67-242  DEAE membrane                   50        150.90

  • Selex Membranes

      M67-250  Selex 20 membrane 100 x 130mm   Pack of 10 sheets  66.66
      M67-255  Selex 20 membrane 290 x 3000mm  Per roll           280.00
      M67-304  BioBind-NC,200mm x 3mtr roll,0.2u pore             83.30
      M67-306  BioBind-NC 300mmx3mtrroll 0.2u pore                107.20
      M67-308  BioBind-NC,200mm x 3mtr roll,0.45u pore            83.30
      M67-310  BioBind-NC,300mm x 3mtr roll,0.45u pore            107.20

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