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  • Fat Determination system Buchi model B-810/428

    Short extraction times are achieved with this very versatile, easy to use fat extraction system, which complies with British and European official methods

    The unit has six heating positions and two different size Soxhlet extractors are available. The 30mm size accepts standard paper thimbles; the large 47mm size also accepts standard paper thimbles but allows the use of the sintered glass crucibles of the hydrolysis unit to be used. Also available is the new hot extractor which fits in place of a soxhlet. The extractor is specially designed to reduce the extraction time by up to 50%, depending on sample. The system is available in a number of different configurations, each one suitable for a wide range of solvent extractions and analyses.

    The unit is very simple to operate and all six glass extraction assemblies are sealed simultaneously by the sealing mechanism. The heat source is provided by a built-in steam generator or alternatively the unit can be fitted to an external temperature controlled circulator for use at higher temperatures.

    The unit is perfectly safe for open bench operation and the solvent can be internally recycled on the operation of a lever The unit is extremely versatile and can be adapted very simply by the operator to carry out a wide range of applications in food, textiles, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, plastics and rubbers.


    Fat Extraction System model B-810

      Extractor type             Soxhlet      Soxhlet      Hot extractor
                                 30mm dia     47mm dia 
      Extraction volume ml       60           140          60
      Thimble dimensions mm      25 x 100     43 x 123     25 x 100
      Beaker volume ml           190          190          190
      Solvent reservoircap ml    2400         2400         2400
      Cooling water cons ltr/hr  60           60           60
      Connected load W           2200         2200         2200
      Current consumption A      10           10           10
      Dimen lxwxh mm            710x500x750   710x500x750  710x500x750
      Weight kg                  56           56           56
      Electrical req                  220/240V     50/60Hz

    Operational parameters

       Sample weight:
       Hydrolysis method              20 g max
       Direct extraction              80 9 max
       Hot extraction                 20 g max
       Extraction time                1 to 2 hrs
       Solvent recovery time          10 mins
       Solvent recovery efficiency    60 to 80 %
       Analysis time (incl. drying):
       Hydrolysis method              4 to 5 hrs
       Direct extraction              3 hrs
       Hot extraction                 2 to 3 hrs
       Reproducibility               <1%

    Configurations Extraction systems are available in tour different configurations. The choice depends on the solvents used, the extraction system (Soxhlet or Hot extraction) and the heating medium.

    Type 1 Unit with six Soxhlet extraction positions and Viton seals

    Type 2 Universal unit with six Soxhlet extraction positions and composite PTFE/Viton seals

    Type 3 Universal unit with four Soxhlet extraction positions, Hot extraction positions and composite PTFE/Viton seals

    Type 4 Hot extraction unit with six Hot extraction positions and composite PTFE/Viton seals

  • Extraction Units model B-810

    With built-in steam generator for tap water feed of conductivity 650 to 800 us/cm2 (10mm electrode gap)
               Configuration dia mm     Each
      N26-100 Type 1 30 5395.00 N26-102 Type 1 47 5395.00 N26-104 Type 2 30 5795.00 N26-106 Type 2 47 5795.00 N26-108 Type 3 30 6595.00 N26-110 Type 3 47 6595.00

  • Extraction Units model B-810

    With built-in steam generator for tap water feed ot conductivity 200 to 650 us/cm2 (7mm electrode gap)
            Configuration  dia mm      Each
      N26-120  Type 1        30        5395.00
      N26-122  Type 1        47        5395.00
      N26-124  Type 2        30        5795.00
      N26-126  Type 2        47        5795.00
      N26-128  Type 3        30        6595.00
      N26-130  Type 3        47        6595.00

  • Extraction Units model B-810

    With built-in steam generator for distilled or deionised water feed, complete with 10 ltr storage tank and switch box.

            Configuration  dia mm     Each
      N26-140  Type 1       30        5995.00
      N26-142  Type 1       47        5995.00
      N26-144  Type 2       30        6595.00
      N26-146  Type 2       47        6595.00
      N26-148  Type 3       30        6895.00
      N26-150  Type 3       47        6895.00

  • Extraction Units model B-810

    High temperature version without steam generator. Requires circulation thermostat and connecting hoses which should be ordered separately.

               Configuration    dia mm      Each
      N26-160   Type 2           30         5195.00
      N26-162   Type 2           47         5195.00
      N26-164   Type 3           30         5795.00
      N26-166   Type 3           47         5795.00

  • Extraction Units model B-810

    High temperature version with six Hot extractors. Requires circulation thermostat and connecting hoses, solvent recovery tube and vessel which should be ordered separately.

              Configuration  dia mm         Each
      N26-170 Type 4           30           5795.00

  • Accessories and Spares

      N26-200   Soxhlet extractor 30mm dia, Buchi ref 18241    172.00
      N26-202,  Soxhlet extractor 47mm dia, Buchi ref 18240    155.00
      N26-204   Hot extractor complete with universal seal,
                Buchi ref 23848                                439.00
      N26-206   Extraction beaker Buchi ref 18276              34.75
      N26-208   Condenser Buchi ref 18222                      85.00
      N26-210   Viton seal Buchi ref 18260                     12.25
      N26-212   Universal seal PTFE Buchi ref 22704            47.50
      N26-214   Viton 'O' ring Buchi ref 23365                 2.70
      N26-216   EPDM 'O' ring Buchi ref 23366                  2.70
      N26-218   Seal assembly: 1 each N26-212, N26-214 and
                N26-216 Buchi ref 23367                        49.25
      N26-220   Seal assembly: 1 each N26-210 N26-212
                N26-214 and N26-216 Buchi ref 23374            64.25

  • Hydrolysis Unit model B-428

    The B-428 acid hydrolysis unit enables analyses to be carried out in compliance with European and British official methods which often require a hydrolysis procedure prior to extraction Simultaneous filtration and hydrolysis of four samples can be carried out safely on an open bench in only 15 to 30 minutes using this system. The filter crucibles holding the hydrolysed samples can be transferred directly to the 47mm dia soxhlet extractors of the fat extraction system. Samples ot up to 259 can be hydrolysed. A lifting/lowering jack and a suction unit facilitate the acid hydrolysis of the samples.


      No of heating places         4
      Hydrolysis vessels l x dia   260 x 48 mm
      Sintered glass crucible vol  60 ml
      Dimensions l x w x h         700 x 35O x 610 mm
      Weight                       34 kg
      Electrical requirements      240V 5A

    N26-230 - Hydrolysis unit Buchi model B-428 3650.00

    Accessories and Spares

      N30-560  Hydrolysis tubes Buchi ref 03904. Pack of 4      56.00
      N26-224  Cap for hydrolysis tube Buchi ref 19741          9.95
      N26-226  Sintered glass filter crucible Buchi ref 19730   42.00
      N26-228  Sample aspiration tube Buchi ref 19742           33.75
      N26-232  Filter vessel clamp Buchi ref 03274              5.80
      N26-234  Water jet pump Buchi ref 02913                   44.75

  • Nitrogen Determination Systems Buchi

    The Kjeldahl procedure for quantitative nitrogen determination has been in use since 1883 and continues to occupy a dominant role in the estimation of protein in foods. The method has, in the past, been time-consuming and has also involved the manual transfer of quantities of concentrated acid and alkali.

    The Buchi systems have been designed to overcome these problems and allow the Kjeldahl procedure to be carried out faster, with greater safety and with a lower level of operator involvement.

    The Kjeldahl procedure is characterised by the use ot bolllng concentrated sulphuric acid to effect the oxidative digestions of the organic sample and the reduction of the organic nitrogen to ammonia. The ammonia is retained in the concentrated acid digest as ammonium hydrogen sulphate and while it is possible to determine it in situ, the normal procedure is to render the digest alkaline by the addition of excess sodium hydroxide, and then to steam distill the ammonia which may be determined by titration.

    Digestion may be accelerated by adding potassium sulphate to ralse the boiling point of the digest and by using various metal catalysts. The nitrogen content of the sample is calculated from the ammonia obtained by titration. The protein content is obtained by multiplication of the nitrogen content by a conversion factor dependent on the type of material under investigation.

    Nitrogen Determination System Selector

    The choice is governed by the daily throughput samples desired and the number of operators available.

      No. of samples  No. of     Digestion  Distillation
      per day         operators  units      units
      Up to 20        1          B-426      B-316
      Up to 30        1          B-426/435  B-323
      Up to 40        1 to 2     B-435      B-323
      Up to 70        1 to 2     2 x B-435  B-339

    The above recommendations are based on average time studies and are valid for an 8 hour working day. The data include all tasks from weighing to calculation and will be achieved from a normally equipped laboratory.

  • Digestion Units Buchi

    These digestion units are available with either six or twelve heating positions and may be operated either independently or via the Buchi model B-436 programmable remote control unit (N30-150)

    The units are equipped with high-power infra-red heaters; the intensive heating of the samples ensures rapid and complete digestion.

    The digestion process normally requires between 35 and 45 minutes to completion. The apparatus reaches operating temperature in approximately 5 minutes, and the heat output can be steplessly regulated with a built-in power controller between 10 and 100%, up to a maximum temperature of 650C. Therefore the ideal operating temperature for each digestion can be obtained.

    In the 12 position model it is possible to operate only 6 out of he 12 digestion positions, if desired, thus conserving energy, when insulficient samples are available to fill the unit.

    Digestion is performed in cylindrical vessels which are subsequently used as distillation vessels, eliminating the need to transfer the sample in concentrated sulphuric acid to another vessel for distillation.

    The special design of the vessels largely eliminates bumping during the digestion, by causing any water drops to reflux along the tube wall rather than falling into the centre of the tube. Smooth boiling may also be promoted by the addition of glass beads.

    A fume exhaust unit is placed directly on the top of the digestion tubes, where a special profiled ring and spring clamps provide a tight connection. The gases and vapours generated during digestion may be aspirated off by the Buchi B-412 gas scrubbing system (N30-700) or a water jet pump. Digestion can, therefore, be carried out safely without a fume cupboard and without atmospheric contamination

    Stands with two carrying handles, holding 6 digestion tubes, are supplied with each digestion apparatus, one with model B-426 and two with model B-435. The stand can be used to support the digestion vessels during sample preparation or cooling; the design of the exhaust manifold allows each manifold with its complement of tubes to be transferred to the stand as one unit after digestion is completed.


      Model                            B-426            B-435
      Number of heating places         6                12
      Tube dimensions I x dia mm       260 x 48         260 x 48
      Overall dimensions I x w x h mm  560 x 280 x 490  560 x 280 x 490
      Weight kg                        14.4             20.9
      Heater load kW                   1.1              2.2
      Electrical requirements          240V 50Hz        240V  50Hz
      N30-105  Digestion Unit, Buchi model B-426,
               supplied complete with 6 digestion/
               distillation vessels, 1 fume exhaust
               manifold, 1 digestion vessel holder and rack
               for 6 digestion tubes, equipped for
               operation with programmable controller
               model B-436. Buchiref 26773                   1395.00
      N30-125  Digestion Unit, Buchimodel B-435,
               supplied complete with 12 digestion/
               distillation vessels, 2 fume exhaust
               manifolds, 2 digestion vessel holders and 2
               racks for 6 digestion tubes each, equipped
               for operation with programmable controller
               model B-436. Buchi ref 26770                  2250.00

  • Programmable control unit Buchi model B-436

    The B-436 control unit is used to program the heating profile in the digection block. The programming is carried out by entering time and power steps. A delayed start may also be chosen, if required. The program data is stored in a non-volatile memory and the pre-selected parameters are shown on the liquid crystal display In the event of a power failure no longer than 5 minutes, the process being run is brought to the pre-programmed conclusion when power is restored. The digestion control parameters may be altered by PC linked via the serial interface.

    N30-150 - Programmable control unit Buchimodel B-436 1205.00

  • Accessories and spares

      N30-530  Weighing boats, nitrogen-free. Pack of 100       32.50
      N30-560  Digestion/distillation vessel .
               Buchi ref 03904. Pack of 4                       56.00
      N30-580  Glass beads Buchiref 01531. Pack of 50           5.80
      N30-590  Suction manifold gasket Buchi ref 01603          2.95
      N30-612  Suction module complete Buchi ref 26842          155.00
      N30-614  Suction tube glass part only Buchi ref 26755     108.00
      N30-616  Suction tube connector Buchi ref 26875           30.00
      N30-622  Tubular heating element Buchi ref 26744          22.00
      N30-624  Spare control cable for N30-150
               Buchiref 26849                                   61.95

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