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Thermal Cycler Accessories.

  • Tubes, plates & plate sealing

    Thin walled microtubes

    These thin walled microtubes have been designed to provide superior performance.
  • Precision moulded: Made from 99.9% pure virgin polpropylene, they are precisely moulded to give good thermal contact with the block.
  • Ultra-thin walls: The thin walls help to accelerate heat transfer providing shorter cycles.
  • Certified: RNase, DNase and Pyrogen Safe ensuring no contaminants arising from the tubes will affect your experiments.

    Individual microtubes
    For use will all Techne thermal cyclers:
    -0.2ml thin walled microtubes, domed caps (natural)
    -0.5ml thin walled microtubes with flat caps (natural)

    Microtube strips
    For use with TC-412 and TC-512 thermal cyclers:
    0.2ml thin wall microtubes 8 per strip (natural)
    0.2 thin wall microtube caps 8 per strip (natural)

    Multi-well plates

    High quality, guaranteed RNase, DNase and pyrogen free.
    96-well plate flat top non-skirted
  • For use with TC-412 cyclers and TC-512 cyclers.
  • Seal with heat sealing foil or film.
  • Thin walled polypropylene, maximum capacity 250

    96-well plate half-skirted, low profie
  • For use with TC-412 and TC-512 thermal cyclers.
  • Robot friendly
  • Seal with 96-mat, 8-strip caps, heat sealing film or foil
  • Thin walled polypropylene, maximum capacity 200

    96 well plate full-skirted, low profile
  • For use with TC-412 and TC-512 thermal cyclers fitted with full skirted blocks.
  • Robot friendly
  • Seal with 96-mat, 8 strip caps, heating sealing film or foil.
  • Thin walled polypropylene, maximum capacity 200

    384-well microplate
  • For use with Techne TC-412 and TC-512 thermal cyclers
  • Seal with heat sealing film or foil
  • This thin walled polypropylene plate has a working volume of 25 (max 40)

    Hi-Temp 96 microplates, skirted: (not shown)
    For use with Techne Genius thermal cycler fitted with a Hi-Temp 96-well block. Made from flexible polycarbonate (not suitable for use on current models)

    Plate sealing

    Silicone mat: No heat, no fuss - re-usable. This new silicone mat is the latest for sealing 96-well plates. Simply lat over the plate and gently press the lower dimples into the wells
  • Fully autoclavable
  • Re-usable: can be re-used up to 50 times if required.
  • Dimples on both sides to ease location.
    Heat sealer: Fast and simple. The heat sealer allowes 96 or 384-well plates to be sealed in seconds with Thermo-seal aluminium backed plastic film or optical heat sealing film . Simply load your samples, place the film on the multi-well plate and depress the heated element.
  • 96 or 384-well plates.
  • Positive seal: The foil or film is welded to the raised plastic rim of the plates ensuring no leakage can occur.
  • Thermo-Seal heat sealing foil: Can be pierced easily without ripping or tearing.
  • Optical heat sealing film for use in conventional thermal cycling and real time nucleic acid detection can be peeled off after use if required.
    These consumables are certified free from DNase, RNase and human genomic DNA.
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