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Jenway - Model 6800 Features, Advantages and Benefits

Fully symmetrical double beam system.
Reduced lamp drift.
Highest accuracy of results.
1.5nm spectral bandwidth
High resolution
Confidence in results.
Flight Deck PC software supplied
1. Complete package supplied
2. No additional order required
Significant cost saving
6 different measurement methods.
1. Available modes for all common measurement methods
2. Meets most user needs
1. Eliminates the need to design your own methods.
2. Limits user errors
Flight Deck software includes DNA/RNA measurements methods
Eliminates the need to design specific photometric methods.
1. Saves time
2. Ensures the correct method and results.
Flight Deck software includes 7 individual Protein measurement modes
No need to design individual photometric methods
1. Saves time
2. Ensures the method and results are correct
PC driven
1. Large internal memory
2. Data can be transferred easily between PCs
1. Store many methods and results
2. Allows easy sharing of the results and methods
Windows compatible (Windows 2000, XP, Vista)
1. Flight Deck software can be used on most PCs
2. Flight Deck software is Windows based
1. PC's are readily available
2. Operation is intuitive
Validation facility
Quick and simple generation of instrument performance report
Ensures full compliance with local operating procedures
All results can be easily exported to Excel
1. No need to format data
2. Results can be worked up on any PC with Microsoft Office
1. Time saving
2. Frees up the instrument for performing measurements
Easy import or export methods
1. Time saving
2. No need to enter experimental parameters or measurement
1. Speeds up work flow
2. Ensures correct parameters are used
3. Reduced opportunity for user error
Store and load standard curves
1. Time saving
2. No need to prepare standard solutions for each measurement
1. Speeds up work flow
2. Ensures accurate standards are saved and used each time.
Micro cell holder
Accurate measurement of volumes down to 50uL
Ideal for biochemical and medical applications where sample volumes are limited
Water heated cell holder
Absolute control of the sample temperature from ambient to 40 Degree's C
Ideal for kinetic and biochemical applications where temperature is critical.
Rectangular long path cell holder
Measurement of cell length of 10,20,30,40,50 and 100mm
Allows increased sensitivity of measurement
Glass filter and film holders
Permits measurement of solid and film-like samples
Increases the range of sample types that can be measured

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