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  • Sample Concentrator Techne

    The Techne sample concentrator facilitates the rapid evaporation of multiple samples and is useful in the fields of drug screening, hormone assay, chromatographic analysis and scintillation counting.

    The unit consists of a gas reservoir which mounts over a precision controlleo DB-3 series Dri-Block heater. Hypodermic needles set in a silicone matrix pass through a multi-hole plate and into the sample tubes to the surface of the solution to be evaporated. Needle positions may be changed to suit different tube configurations and the gas reservoir, which is suitable for use with most gases, may be raised and lowered to suit differing liquid levels.

    The sample concentrator allows evaporation of up to 90 samples simultaneously in a time scale of minutes rather than hours. The compact dimensions of the concentrator allows its use in a fume cupboard when toxic vapours are being evaporated.

    The sample concentrator is supplied without Dri-Block, aluminium insert blocks or needles, which must be ordered separately.

      Dimensions l x w x h        295 x 240 x 530 mm
      Gas input pressure max      1150 mbar abs

    Ordering information
    E80-102 - Sample concentrator Techne model FSC-400D without Dri-block, aluminium insert blocks or needles - 473.00

    Specification - Dri-Blocks

      Model                            DB-3A                   DB-3D
      Temperature range C              25 to 200               25 to 200
      Temperature stability C          +/-0.1                  +/-0.1
      Temperature setting              Analogue                Digital
      Temperature display              -                       Digital
      Scale graduation C               5                       - 
      No of insert blocks              3                       3
      Dimensions l x w x h mm          279 x 260 x 105         279 x 260 x 105
      Weight kg                        5                       5
      Heater load W                    650                     650
      Electrical requirements          240V 50Hz               240V  50Hz

    Ordering information
    B25-160 Dri-Block -Techne DB-3A analogue setting - 520.00
    B25-170 Dri-Block -Techne DB-3D digital display - 673.00

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