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Jenway - Intoducing the Model 6800

Furthering our range

With the Model 6800 Jenway launch their first true double-beam spectrophotometer. The Model 6800 uses a tungsten halogen / deuterium light source to cover the UV/Visible wavelength range from 190 to1100nm, whilst the 1.5 nm spectral bandwidth ensures that the Model 6800 gives high resolution and accuracy on every measurement. It is important to note that the Model 6800 will complement the existing 63, 64, 65 and 67 Series, strengthening and up-dating our product offering while furthering our range into other market segments and new applications

Jenway Flight Deck Software

Connecting spectrophotometers to computers can cost from £250 to over £800 for the software alone, with the correct cable often costing more on top of this. The Model 6800 is supplied with the intuitive and powerful Windows® based* Jenway Flight Deck software included as standard. The Jenway Flight Deck software offers modes for all common measurement modes.

Photometrics & Multi-Wavelength: Measure the absorbance or transmittance at one to six designated wavelengths. The dedicated 'Ratio Mode' allows calculation of the ratio and difference of two or three selected wavelengths. An alphanumeric identity can be entered for each sample.

Spectrum Scanning: Scan in the range 190 to1100nm with resolutions up to 0.1nm and scan speeds up to 3600nm/sec. All data is displayed in both graphical and tabular formats with automatic peak and valley identification as well as manual selection. Post scan manipulations allow multiple overlays, spectrum calculations and derivative spectra to be displayed.

Time Scan & Kinetics: Measure the changes in absorbance or transmittance over 30 to 99999 seconds. The concentration or activity values is then calculated from the display by the free selection of a start and end time for which a regression curve is displayed and calculations made against an adjustable K factor.

Quantitation: Enables the accurate measurement of sample concentrations against calibration curves (K factor, 1st to 3rd order) based on up to twenty standards and up to three wavelengths for multi-component analysis. The easy recall of saved calibration curves leads to quicker, more accurate analysis.

The Jenway Flight Deck software also includes methods for DNA/RNA and protein measurements as standard.

DNA/RNA: Offers standard methods for measuring DNA, RNA or oligonucleotide concentrations using the absorbance values recorded at 260 and 280nm.

Protein Measurements: Offers pre-set methods for measuring protein concentrations using the Bradford, Lowry, BCA and Direct UV protocols. Any of the default settings can be modified allowing specific user variations to any of these standard test protocols.

The Jenway Flight Deck software also allows the easy import/export of results and methods ensuring that standard methods and procedures are carried out quickly and accurately, minimising the potential for user error. With a single click of the mouse the Model 6800 exports raw data and results to Excel® for further processing or saving, maximising the time the unit can perform measurements.


The applications of the Jenway Model 6800 are extended by the range of easy to fit accessories.

The Model 6800 spectrophotometer is supplied with a single 10×10mm cell holder (×2) fitted as standard. This can be easily removed by simply releasing the fixing screw and replaced with a variety of other sample holder options.

Where sample temperature is critical, a water heated cell holder is available for 10×10mm cuvettes. This allows temperature control from ambient temperature up to 40°C.

For medical and biochemical applications where sample volumes are strictly limited a micro cell holder is available, allowing measurements of sample volumes down to 50µL.

For the accurate positioning of plastic films in the light beam a film holder, supplied with ten reusable paper film holders, is available.

A glass filter holder allows the measurement of solid sheet samples, including lenses, slides and filters of thickness from 0.5mm up to 5mm.

For applications requiring additional sensitivity longer path length cuvettes may be required. These can be accommodated in the rectangular long path cell holder, which can accept cell lengths of 10, 20, 30, 40, 50 and 100mm.

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