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Stuart - Shakers

  • Shaker, orbital, mini SSM1

  • Smooth orbital shaking action
  • Orbit of 16mm is ideal for larger samples, for example multi well plates
  • Built-in digital timer
  • Variable speed control to 300rpm
  • Supplied with non-slip mat for multi-well plates etc.
  • Optional accessory cradle system for flasks and bottles

    The compact SSM1 provides a smooth uniform circular motion with an orbit of 16mm. It is supplied with a non-slip mat that can hold up to four multi-well plates or diagnostic cards. The shaking action is ideal for samples of 0.5 to 5ml held in multi well plates, dishes and Petri dishes.

    The shaker can be used in incubators and environmental chambers (up to 40C and 80% humidity). Alternatively, an accessory cradle system is available that can accommodate a variety of vessels including flasks, bottles or beakers via four rubber securing bars. It turns the SSM1 into a very effective mini platform shaker. It will hold up to: 4 x 250ml or 2 x 500ml or 1 x 1000ml Erlenmeyer 8 flasks or bottles. These larger vessels are held between the rubber bars. The flexible cradle system has the benefit that different combinations of vessels can be used offering maximum versatility.

    Speed is variable from 30 to 300 rpm. Once set on the digital display, the shaking speed is effectively maintained even over long periods of time. Shaking times can be set to run for 1 to 999 minutes on the built-in digital timer, or the unit can be set for continuous operation.

  • Technical Specification

    table test
    Platform dimensions (w x l)
    220 x 220mm
    Speed range
    30 to 300rpm
    Orbit diameter
    Maximum load
    Operational temperature range
    +4 to +40C
    Maximum permissible humidity
    Overall dimensions (w x d x h)
    240 x 300 x 140mm
    Net weight
    Electrical supply
    230V, 50Hz, 50W

  • Ordering Information

    table test
    Shaker, orbital, mini
    Accessory cradle with 4 securing bars
    Large platform (holds up 8 plates)
    Clear Acrylic lid

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