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  • Magnetic Stirrer Hotplate Ikamag RH basic

    Basic magnetic stirrer hotplate with square white ceramic coated stainless steel heating plate which is corrosion resistant and ideal for observing colour changes eg. during titrations. Especially suitable for routine laboratory use and in education.

      Speed range                   0 to 2000 rpm
      Temperature range max         400C
      Stirrer bar length max        80 mm
      Hotplate dimensions           160 x 160 mm
      Dimensions l x w x h          280 x 160 x 9s mm
      Weight                        2.5 kg
      Heater load                   600 W
      Electrical requirements       240V 50Hz

    Ordering information
    S69-402 - Magnetic stirrer hotplate Ikamag RH basic - 221.00

  • Magnetic Stirrer Hotplate Ikamag RCT Basic

    Updated version of the proven model RCT magnetic stirrer hotplate, with enhanced safety features. The casing is enclosed to prevent entry of liquids and vapours and the stainless steel hotplate is provided with fixed over-temperature protection (370C). Thermal elements are automatically tested each time the unit is switched on and the plate temperature may be controlled by means of the accessory electronic thermometer ETS-D3 (S69-432) immersed in the process liquid.


      Speed range 0 to 1100 rpm Temperature range 30 to 300C Temperature setting accuracy 10C Stirring capacity max 20 ltrs * Load max 25 kg Motor rating inpuVoutput 12/5 W Motor torque 5 Ncm Hotplate dia 135 mm Temperature sensor ETS-D3 Dimensions l x w x h 280 x 160 x 90 mm Weight 2 4 kg Heater load 600 W Electrical requirements 240V 50Hz *Water

    Ordering information
    S69-412 - Magnetic stirrer lkamag RCT basic - 279.00
    S68-422 - Support rod stainless steel - 21.00

  • Magnetic Stirrer Hotplates Ikamag RET series

    Comply with DIN40050 IP42

    Magnetic stirrer hotplates with sophisticated operational modes and advanced safety features. The units are housed in low-profile cases which have been designed to give maximum resistance to penetration by liquids and vapours and the stirrer motor features smooth start-up to prevent splashing.

    Three models are available, the analogue Basic and the two digital models Digi-Visc and Control-Visc, the latter of which allows computer control via a bidirectional RS232 interface.

    All models have fixed over-temperature protection (at 370C) and the control electronics utilise IKA Fuzzy Logic, which provides maximum heat-up rate without overshoot, highly accurate temperature control and also performs an electrical safety check at every start-up.

    The Basic model allows the connection of the electronic contact thermometer ETS-D3 (S69-431) which provides temperature control by monitoring the load temperature.

    Digital models provide LCD readout of temperature, display error messages in the case of malfunction and give optical indication when the plate is hot.

    Temperature control by load temperature monitoring is possible by utilising external platinum resistance probes


    Model                         Basic      Digi-Visc   Control-Visc
    Speed range rpm               0 to 1100  0 to 1100   0 to 1100
    Temperature range C          30 to 300  30 to 300   30 to 300
    Temp setting accuracy C      10         1           1
    Temperature sensor type       ETS-D3     Pt-1000     Pt-1000
    Stirring capacity max Itrs    20         20          20
    Load max kg                   25         25          25
    Motor rating input output W   12/5       12/5        12/5
    Motor torque Ncm              5          5           5
    Hotplate dia mm               135        135         135
    Dimensions l x w x h mm       280x160x90 280x160x90  280x160x90
    Weight kg                     2.8        2.8         2.8
    Data output                   -          -           RS232
    Heater load W                 600        600         600
    Electrical requirements               240V 50Hz all models

    Ordering information
    S69-415 - Magnetic stirrer hotplate Ikamag RET basic - 401.00
    S69-422 - Magnetic stirrer hotplate Ikamag RET Control-Visc - 519.00

  • Accessories for IKA Magnetic Stirrer Hotplates

    Electronic Contact Thermometer IKA ETS-D3

    The electronic alternative to mercury-in-glass contact thermometers. This thermometer can be used to control maximum desired temperature and simultaneously provide a temperature read-out. The digital display can be used to help set the temperature and to display the actual temperature of the stirred liquid. The interchangeable Pt-1000 measuring sensor has a stainless steel sheath and has a rapid response; this sensor is also available with a glass coating for use in aggressive media. The unit can be used with any instrument which has a contact thermometer input according to DIN 12878. Current IKA models provide power for the ETS-D3 via the connecting cable; older models and those from other manufacturers will require use of the power pack S69-435.

    S69-431 Electronic contact thermometer IKA ETS-D4              126.00
    S69-435 Power pack for ETS-D4, for use on 240V mains supply    49.00
    General Accessories
    S69-460  Remote temperature sensor Pt-1000, stainless
             steel, l x dia 250 x 3 mm, for S69-422                68.00
    S69-462  Remote temperature sensor Pt-1000, glass
             coated stainless steel, l x dia 250 x 8 mm,
             for  S69-422                                      75.00
    S69-464  Spare stainless steel Pt-1000 measuring sensor        40.00
    S69-466  Spare glass coated stainless steel Pt-1000
             measuring sensor                                      83.00
    S69-470  Support rod, stainless steel, length 400mm            21.00
    S69-472  Hotplate guard ring to avoid accidental contact
             with hotplate (requires S69-470)                      38.00

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