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Jenway Spectrophotometers models:
6300 Visible Range Spectrophotometer
6400 Visible and 6405 UV/Visible
Model 6500 series UV/visible Spectrophotometers

  • Fluorimeter Jenway model 6200

    High quality low cost microprocessor-controlled fluorimeter which provides excellent sensitivity with low drift and high reliability. Excitation energy is a key element in determining fluorimetric sensitivity and the model 6200 utilises a high intensity Xenon source to provide high energy output across the spectrum. Excitation and emission wavelengths are easily selected by means of interchangable filters in the range 200 to 600nm. The emission detector is a high sensitivity photomultiplier and the emission signals are processed by the microprocessor and results are then digitally displayed. A Blank Subtract facility is provided for operator convenience

    A HPLC sampling module is available so that the model 6200 can oftene utilised instead of a dedicated fluorescence detector without loss o penformance. Each application requires a pair of filters specific to thr analytical situation and a very wide range of filters can be provided. A smal range of filters is listed as standard; other types to suit particular requirements may be available on application. The unit is supplied complete with mains lead, instruction manual and pack of 100 plastic cuvettes 10 x 10mm.


           Wavelength range         200 to 600 nm
           Sensitivity              1ug/ltr quinine sulphate in 0.1 M H2SO4
           Light source             High intensity Xenon 75W
           Digital display          31/2 digit 20mm LED
           Dimensions I x w x h     430 x 520 x 180 mm
           Weight                   20 kg
           Data outputs             RS232 serial Centronics parallel
           Electrical requirements  240V 50Hz

    Ordering information
    S51-950 - Fluorimeter Jenway model 6200, 200 to 600nm - 3795.00


      S51-956  HPLC sampling module                           238.00
      S51-960  Bandpass filter UG1 320 to 380 nm              35.00
      S51-961  Bandpass filter BG28 380 to 500 nm             34.00
      S51-962  Bandpass filter VG9 480 to 580 nm              34.00
      S51-964  Interference filter254nm                       195.00
      S51-965  Interferencefilter340nm                        105.00
      S51-966  Interferencefilter380nm                        105.00
      S51-967  Interferencefilter400nm                        105.00
      S51-968  Interference filter 470 nm                     105.00
      S51-969  Interferencefilter514nm                        105.00
      S51-972  Cut off filter glass, 305 nm                   28.00
      S51-973  Cut off filter Kodak 2B, 395 nm                34.00
      S51-974  Cut off filter Kodak 8, 475 nm                 34.00
      S51-975  Cut off filter llford 201, 545 nm              34.00
      S51-976  Cut off filter Kodak 29, 610 nm                34.00
      S51-980  Sample cell, plastic, 1 Omm path, 3ml . Pack of 100  25.50
      S51-982  Sample cell 10 x 1 Omm UV                            135.60
      S51-984  Sample cell 10 x 1 Omm Visible                       46.00
      S51-986  Sample cell 10 x 1 Omm Semi-micro UV                 330.00
      S51-988  Sample cell 10 x 1 Omm Semi-micro VIS                186.00
      S51 990  Flowcell                                             175.00
      S51-932  Dust cover for model 6200                            11.00

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